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Every organisation is thinking about digital transformation, what it means and how to do it. While these projects begin with energy and enthusiasm, many fall short of expectations. Lofty strategies are often disconnected from practical implementation, there are unforeseen cost blowouts, or the required cultural change is underestimated.  By some estimates, up to 70% of change projects fail.

How we can help

Symphony3 is the trusted long-term advisor to its clients, guiding them through the digital transformation process. We use an incremental, staged approach which greatly increases the chance of change success and avoids unforeseen cost blowouts.

Digital Roadmaps: We help you build an actionable, achievable long term digital roadmap. Our roadmaps are typically implemented over 3 – 5 years, with a clear vision that the organisation can aim for.

Rapid prototyping: Our open source technologies mean our clients can develop rapid prototypes and learn new technologies at a low cost. We encourage your staff to try and to fail. This process is a powerful mechanism to unlock staff potential and to drive internal innovation. It also ensures you choose and build the technology that best suits your organisation.

Platform: The foundation upon which we implement, is our digital platform. This is the Smart glue that will tie your systems together, that connects people with technology and allows you to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Implementation: We are hands-on with implementation. You will see us in your office rolling our sleeves up ensuring you get the outcome you desire.

Support and Maintenance: We are in it for the long term. We ensure your platform and employees are supported and receive the ongoing support they need.

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