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The Safety Institute of Australia

The Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) is the national association for the health and safety profession. Learn how SIA put digital service delivery right at the centre of their business model

Australia’s national safety association puts digital service delivery right at the centre of its business model

SIA services members Australia-wide with its website and integrated member portal becoming a key part of the organisation. Millions of dollars worth of membership, event and certification fees have all been collected online through their new digital platform. 


The Safety Institute of Australia (SIA) is the national association for the health and safety profession. It’s vision is for safe and healthy workers in productive workplaces, and it works to build the skills, knowledge and capability of the health and safety profession, and being a voice for that profession. Its 4000+ members are people who work at all levels within Australian companies in a variety of health and safety roles, from those who work at the shop floor level to implement safe and healthy work practices, right through the company to senior executive heads of health safety and environment.

The Challenge

SIA delivers services and events to thousands of members and stakeholders Australia-wide. Like all Not for profits it has limited. It’s existing systems were not connected meaning customer data has spread across multiple systems and impossible to maintain. The challenge was to build

The Solution

Working with the SIA team, Symphony3 developed a digital roadmap for the organisation. It documented the requirements and approach required to deliver the desired website and member portal. The new website and member management portal was implemented over several months. The new platform provided an easy to use interface via Drupal but was largely powered by CiviCRM.

The Outcome

The platform was launched prior to membership renewal time and was immediately tested with the bulk of SIA’s annual membership renewals being undertaken online.

Key Takeaways

  • New online system drives 90%+ of all organisational transactions

  • Automation of membership renewal process, increasing renewals and minimising administrative time

  • Single customer view ensures all touchpoints with the customer are captured in one place

  • Portal enables better engagement with members and increased delivery of 

  • Multiple payment types from recurrent credit cards, Bpay, offline payments drive support revenue growth


Implementation and Complex CRM and member management system, integration with Reckon accounts system